Frankfort Summer Friday Night Lights

Last Friday night of June here in Frankfort and it’s gonna be a hot one. Downtown Frankfort’s throwing another summer concert with the Frontier Band and the Blind Corn Liquor Pickers on the Old Capitol Lawn at 7pm. 

I love these concerts–such a gathering of community to enjoy music, food and company. Watching the different generations mix and dance together amazes me on so many levels. Years ago, the seniors would complain about that “loud music” but here, the seniors are dancing with the younger and enjoying it! I see families sitting together, sharing food, swapping stories, singing along. Visitors come from out of town because they like the bands playing or to see family (maybe both), see what’s going on and join the fun too.

Frankfort comes together on Friday nights throughout the summer. The energy and sense of community throughout the generations infuses the town with life that is a precious rarity in towns like Frankfort today. It’s what draws me here–the art around town and in galleries; the funky vibe of Capital Cellars, Eclectic Mix, Kentucky Coffee Tree and Poor Richard’s Books; the history of Kentucky in the Kentucky Historical Society and Capital City Museum and walking over the Singing Bridge to watch boats leisurely cruise down the Kentucky River. 

I love Frankfort. I’m happy to call it home. 



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