Cooking Kentucky Proud with LRGoesLocal



I woke up early this morning on a mission–to get Kentucky farmed freshwater prawns from the Franklin County Farmers Market. I missed the prawns last year and I wasn’t going to this year. When I got there, Angela Caporelli from the KY Ag Department, along with Dan Moreland, our farmer of said prawns, plus KSU representatives cooked up some delicious samples of the prawns with a little cajun spicing and local Kentucky Proud veggies that made for my breakfast.


I could eat prawns, shrimp, and other crustaceans everyday–low in fat, low in cholesterol. Freshwater varieties are even more so, which is why this Kentucky-raised prawn adventure excites me.


I brought my prawns home and contemplated how and what to prepare. I love ceviche and I have lime, stressed jalapenos, cilantro, fresh pepper, a little EVOO–shake and bake, I thought!

6 hours later . . . I’m hungry. The lime juice worked but not as fast as my impatient taste buds wanted so into the sauce pan my dinner went.Image

And they came out beautifully! The lime, cilantro, jalapeno, garlic, marinade just sweetened the tender meat of the prawns, elevating the lobster-like meat into a sweet and spicy entree enhanced with fresh lime, cucumber, and tomato. Image

This first foray into freshwater prawns farmed here in Kentucky, I consider a success. Not only is it very healthy-tasty, it’s sustainable–It’s genius for Kentucky farmers!

And I want more. Prawn season just started here in central Kentucky with farmers harvesting in September. Today’s prawns brought to you by Dan Moreland up in Butler, Kentucky:

I’m feeling even more adventurous in my cooking. I think I’ll make Kentucky proud paella next.



3 thoughts on “Cooking Kentucky Proud with LRGoesLocal

  1. Slurp! Reading your post made me drool, like for real! Now where do I go on a Sunday night to get me some prawns? Lol! Great post, I could actually taste the prawns from th ay you described it. Specially the lemony prawns..hmmmmm..

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