1st Course: Bulleit Bourbon and Canapes


Duck Meatballs with Apricot Hoisin Sauce


I started fasting Friday, after 1pm, so I could ready myself for the evening’s culinary adventures with Chef Edward Lee–wise decision on my part. I’m more eater than diner so I knew pacing myself would really enhance the tastes on my tongue. Bulleit Bourbon 10 year began the evening with hints of wood and fruit, coupled with delicious 5 year aged Broadbent ham with Spoonbill caviar. The mellow, aged flavor of the ham with the salty caviar delighted my palate with the Bulleit Bourbon because the flavors matched well. The next canape, the duck meatballs with the apricot hoisin sauce also mated well with the fruitiness of the Bulleit. The seafood sausage tasted absolutely delicious with the red boat aioli and thai basil with the Bulleit as the thai basil tempered the Bulleit and enhanced the spiciness of both the sausage, thai basil, and Bulleit. The trio of canapes paired with Bulleit Bourbon 10 year really set my tastes for the evening’s meal so it flowed consistently in taste and appeal.


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