Love your Drive In!

Drive-ins play a huge part of the landscape and an even bigger part of American history. I remember my first drive in experience in 1993: I took my cat to see “Jurassic Park” at the Sky Vue in Winchester. She napped in the front windshield of my car until the T-Rex came out and roared. Then she stayed under the passenger seat until we got home. A can of tuna finally got her out, along with the promise of NEVER taking her to a movie again. Good times at drive in movies . . .

In central Kentucky, we have five of them left: Stanford Drive In, Sky Vue in Winchester, Twin Hills north of Harrodsburg, Bourbon Drive In in Paris, and The Judy in Mt. Sterling. Drive ins now face the digital dilemma–upgrade the movie technology from reel to digital, fundraise, or close down. Our drive ins here in central Kentucky are a treasure and need preservation so our kids and grandkids can enjoy the delights of drive ins, like we do.

So let’s all go to the drive in movies and show our love to this nostalgic slice of American pie.



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